Life Series: #1 Lila



Lila was constantly worried.

Worried about what people were thinking of her and how people perceived her.

She lived inside herself engaging in many witty funny conversations with herself inside her head.

Lila thought that everything outside of herself was a threat, she didn’t think she knew how to relate to people.

Lila felt like a Robin in the midst of Seagulls.

She flew free at home,she let go and sung the joys of her heart amongst close loved ones who had known her all her life,

But Lila remained fearful of the colours of her own feathers.

Lila decided she wanted to change, she was often angry at herself and had decided she wanted more from life.

That night Lila dropped to her knees and prayed pouring out her soul through tears.

One crisp and sunny morning Lila was walking around her neighbourhood in an attempt to clear her mind from the night before.

She came across a beautiful store laden with tall stemmed flowers and blossomed plants.

The store seemed to glow from all the pale coloured petals it contained with hues of light pink and ivory, sheer blues, faint peaches and fair lilacs.

The flowers were accented by antique ornaments, picture frames, furniture and…

One particular piece stood out to her, it was a flower, one she couldn’t name.

It stood there in a huge birds cage.

Lila knew she had to buy it, it depicted her.

When she arrived home she sat and stared at the poetic representation of herself, she studied it looking at the beautiful flower through the cage, the way the light hit the flower was beautiful.

Lila knew that all it took was for her to open her cage door.

Why was it so hard? Why did she torment herself?

What would it take for her to let go and fly free.

Lila decided she would fill her cage with compliments written on cards. All the compliments she received from people and what she knew to be true of herself.

After 3 months of this Lila felt so much better about herself and came to love the cage around the flower.

Without the cage the flower couldn’t have looked so beautiful and couldn’t have held all those compliment cards around it.

She decided that she had the key to the cage and she knew she could access the flower anytime she wished.

Not only that but she could also still see the flower inside the cage and she appreciated that too.

Lila appreciated her flaws and her beauty and thanked god for showing her what she had failed to see and began to finally let go and live.

Lila was beautiful the way she was.




Be You. Make sure you are saying something when you are saying something. Its important to sound like you, to feel like you to be like you. Be you ~ Erykah Badu