The Confessions Of A New Mummy

While I LOVE my little bundle of joy (currently 2 months old) it can be quite challenging to keep it ALL together, house chores included, when you have a little one hanging off your hip most of the time.

Here are my….. Confessions Of a New Mummy:

I sometimes don’t burp him. oops!….not good, I know it’s just that I’m just so damn knackered at night.

I leave him in his nappies just a tad bit longer than I’m supposed to, not too long that his nappy is leaking and oozing or that he develops nappy rash, but just long enough to get FULL use out of the nappy. (this would make a great post on martin’s money saving tips)
As a matter of fact here you go
I have to put him in his car seat in the bathroom with me just so I can take a shower and an eye on him at the same time otherwise leaving the house will become a myth and i’ll end up saying “sod this” and going back to bed.
I wish he would stop growing grrrrr he’s so cute at this age *one tear*.
When I’m down to his last clean bottle I pretend to be asleep so that hubby can wash & sterilize his dirty bottles that have been piling up all day and boil water ready for the nights pending struggle of bottle feeding (Don’t tell him please….im serious)
I used to be “spaghetti betty”  I.e. a skinny girl but I’ve gained some sexy baby weight which I pretend I’m not proud of just so that I don’t offend the actual big mummies who have hang ups about their baby weight. (I’m still quite slim just have gained some hips, bum and chest, I waited 26 years for this so let me shine! I struggle to get my old leggings on YAY!  #skinnygirlproblems. I can’t go wrong there ey?)
I use my baby as an excuse not to go somewhere 🙂
I’m coping well as my baby is pretty easy and I’m scared, wondering if this will all change once he hits his terrible 2’s and 3’s (day dreams about a toddler pulling my hair and screaming in my ear that he wants to be fed THIS INSTANT, run through my mind)
Sometimes I dream about going out on the tiles and enjoying the party life for a night minus the baby vomit on my clothes.


So there you have it….im not the perfect mummy and I had to bore someone with my confessions cos they run rampant in my mind. Comment down below and let me know what your confessions are mummies …