iPhone SE: Have a look at the smaller NEW Apple iPhone!


We all remember the iPhone 5 right? Yes, I do indeed, matter of fact I still have it somewhere in my house. It was small and space saving compared to the newer models which is basically what the new iPhone promises, however this iPhone is only 4 inches big!

The iPhone SE may look identical to the iPhone 5 but its functions are that of the iPhone 6s furthermore this is not only the tiniest iPhone Apple has made to date but it is also the cheapest starting at $399 in the US and from £359 in the UK without contract and likely to be free on even a £20 a month tariff.

The phone brings many of the iPhone 6s’s headline features. That includes a camera with the capability to record 4K videos, faster processors and connectivity hardware, and improved battery.
It also includes new chips that allow the phone to work with Apple Pay, meaning that all of Apple’s current iPhone line can now be used to pay with.

Credit to: http://goo.gl/xfhEoM

The iPhone SE is due to go on sale March 31st in the UK.