Life Series: #2 Amilo

Amilo was a creative GENIOUS.
Well at least that was a fact the Amilo failed to realise.
To him. Amilo was:
Amilo the starving artist”
When Amilo constructed his art, he was free like the Animals in Africa, he was utterly consumed in a colourful world that belonged to him.
He was self adorning and full of hope, he was strong, bold and brave.
Not a thing could stop him when he was in his zone.
A gust of wind opened up without being known and swept him to his feet, he found himself running towards a room.
A white room.
Surrounding him.
He tried to touch the walls to see if  it was real. “Am i dreaming” Amilo said to himself.
To the right of him was a palete of paint.
The colours were that of depth
Opaque in colour
He tried to grab the colour to paint his white walls…but the colour disappeared, evaporated in to thin air.
Amilo was awoken by his girlfriend.
Amilo! Your going to be late!
You see what Amilo had experienced was a dream. He had had many dreams, these dreams however were not the type of dreams he anticipated.
Amilo…You can be anything you want, but you chose to be an artist his girlfriend said.
I will support you no matter what you go through.
I love your creative genius and I have seen you produce emotion jerking work.
I’m coming with you to this Art convention today
Amilo was taken aback. Seriously?
Yes Amilo of course! I called in sick to work she giggled
Amilo was suddenly filled with worry and angst
What if they don’t like my work? No, they MUST like it. I like it and I’m going to stay positive!
…..Oh my god if I’m not shortlisted I will be devastated ive out my soul into this…
Maybe I should quit now and just work on it a little more
At the convention Amilo saw and met many artists, he was so happy because he had never been a part of an exchange of words with people like-minded before and it was refreshing!
He felt all of a sudden understood . He spoke ART and so did they. He exchanged number with his Artsy friends and they promised to keep in touch.
Amilo was feeling more positive than ever because of all the support his new found friends were giving him.
When they announced the shortlist…… Amilo wasn’t called.
*2 weeks later*
To say Amilo was devastated was an understatement.
He fell into a black abiss, just falling constantly
not hitting the ground
not scraping the sides
Just falling
the constant butterflies in his stomach from all this falling.
He climed out of his Abyss to noticed his girlfriend looking deshelved like she had been up crying all night
Like she too had fallen into an Abyss
Deliah? Whats wrong? Has somebody hurt you? What happened
He had never seen her like this
You never noticed me.
You never noticed me supporting you.
Rooting for you.
You pushed me aside and dismissed my kind words.
I told you I would be there.
You never once looked to me.
You sang the praises of the new friends you had made but you abonded me.
Amilo sunk into a state of shock , His face remaining expressionless.
What Deliah had said was true and he cursed himself for it.  He vowed that he would listen to her , he apologised profusely tucking her hair behind her ear. He kissed her forhead repeatedly and promised to be grateful to her always.
Each and every day.
Deliah was actually Amilo’s positive mind. He abandoned Deliah, his positivity opting to look to outside adoration and acceptance.
Ever since that day Amilo remained positive about his chosen field. He loved art and was prepared not to put himself down. He only had one life to live.
His dedication to Deliah was profound it shook up a change in him that he would never shake.
And to much his surprise. His Art career took off. It soared! All thanks to Deliah. Subconscience Mind.

iPhone SE: Have a look at the smaller NEW Apple iPhone!


We all remember the iPhone 5 right? Yes, I do indeed, matter of fact I still have it somewhere in my house. It was small and space saving compared to the newer models which is basically what the new iPhone promises, however this iPhone is only 4 inches big!

The iPhone SE may look identical to the iPhone 5 but its functions are that of the iPhone 6s furthermore this is not only the tiniest iPhone Apple has made to date but it is also the cheapest starting at $399 in the US and from £359 in the UK without contract and likely to be free on even a £20 a month tariff.

The phone brings many of the iPhone 6s’s headline features. That includes a camera with the capability to record 4K videos, faster processors and connectivity hardware, and improved battery.
It also includes new chips that allow the phone to work with Apple Pay, meaning that all of Apple’s current iPhone line can now be used to pay with.

Credit to:

The iPhone SE is due to go on sale March 31st in the UK.

Wedding Styled: Get The Look

This one is for the ladies, girls if you’re going to an event a party or even a wedding this one is for you. I recently went to a wedding and watched and celebrated my partner’s cousin get married in a  beautiful ceremony, It was a long day and I needed a stylish, elegant, effortless look that was also comfortable for me to wear. Stylish on a budget.img_0524_zpshhmwlbru

H&M: Sleeveless jumpsuit

Price: £39.99

Sleeveless jumpsuit in a slightly textured weave with a fitted bodice with a cut-out section at the back and gold-coloured buttons at the back of the neck, a seam at the waist, tapered legs with pleats and a concealed zip in the side. Belt with a metal buckle. Unlined.

Find it here:

New Look: Coral Suedette Snakeskin Texture Trim Pointed Ankle Strap Heels


A gorgeous colour in person ( Picture not true to colour) a lovely warm salmon pink with a medium length heel, very comfortable for all day wearing and dancing into the late night.

Find it here:

Primark: Black Gold trimmed Envelope Clutch

This bag in the above picture was bought a long time ago. Its my “go to” for a played down elegant look but I have something similar for you guys so here we go…

Primark: Black Laser Clutch Bag

Price: £9.00

Equally gorgeous, this similar leather look-a-like envelope clutch is a great steal! matter of fact I may order one myself. It has a textured paisley cut-out design all over with an attached loop for carrying.

Now you must be wondering what kind of jacket or coat you could pair this with?

I have two ideas for you girls!

  1. I wore this lapel jacket coat from Bershka at £50 pounds and it went beautifully! my coat however was a light camel version which I think went nicely with the salmon pink shoes I wore. The idea is to go with a big fur sheek jacket to bring the look together.
  2. You can pair this look with a put together blazer of your choice, i found this gorgeous Lavish Alice Cape Blazer from Asos for £54.00 which comes in a variety of colours. You can find it here:

Have a great time wherever you decide to wear your style inspiration ladies and remember to make it your own!


Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser Book Review #1



Have you ever written down a list of goals you wanted to achieve or even just a list of things you needed to do for the day?

You may think that this is just something we do to organise ourselves or that its just a “to do and not to forget list” however what we are doing is much more powerful than what we think. We are in fact writing to soothe ourselves, our doubts and even solidify what we want.

This book has inspired me to do more of what I was already doing, writing to who I want in my life and writing as if those things I wanted had already been manifested. This book will make you dive deeper than the outer layers of your wishes. You may have something holding you back stopping you from going for what you want, this book will make you write it out so that in essence you are writing to find solution to what exactly is with holding you from realising your dreams and in essence  will help you to “Make It Happen”

My Testimony:

I wrote e-mails to my future Partner/Husband (an e-mail I made up) so that I could really feel the emotions of what it would be like to have my desired partner in my life, the goal was to make him feel real in order to manifest him into reality. My desire was strong that in turn I met my now partner and father to my child within months of writing those initial e-mails and now two years later here we are. Upon seeing the title to this book I decided that I had to read up on it and that maybe it could help me expand my already realised power of writing.

I found that this book very easy to reference as it cuts up the topics into sections with a small review at the end of each chapter where it shows you how you can personally apply the strategies discussed to real life.

It is made up of stories where the strategies have worked for others in so many different circumstances and has also asked all the posing questions one could ask about weather this theory works or not.

It doesn’t matter if you are not good at writing, you don’t have to be! You simply have to start somewhere and this book will help you figure out what works best for you.

A very easy read I would HIGHLY recommend adding this book to your self help library guys!

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Life Series: #1 Lila



Lila was constantly worried.

Worried about what people were thinking of her and how people perceived her.

She lived inside herself engaging in many witty funny conversations with herself inside her head.

Lila thought that everything outside of herself was a threat, she didn’t think she knew how to relate to people.

Lila felt like a Robin in the midst of Seagulls.

She flew free at home,she let go and sung the joys of her heart amongst close loved ones who had known her all her life,

But Lila remained fearful of the colours of her own feathers.

Lila decided she wanted to change, she was often angry at herself and had decided she wanted more from life.

That night Lila dropped to her knees and prayed pouring out her soul through tears.

One crisp and sunny morning Lila was walking around her neighbourhood in an attempt to clear her mind from the night before.

She came across a beautiful store laden with tall stemmed flowers and blossomed plants.

The store seemed to glow from all the pale coloured petals it contained with hues of light pink and ivory, sheer blues, faint peaches and fair lilacs.

The flowers were accented by antique ornaments, picture frames, furniture and…

One particular piece stood out to her, it was a flower, one she couldn’t name.

It stood there in a huge birds cage.

Lila knew she had to buy it, it depicted her.

When she arrived home she sat and stared at the poetic representation of herself, she studied it looking at the beautiful flower through the cage, the way the light hit the flower was beautiful.

Lila knew that all it took was for her to open her cage door.

Why was it so hard? Why did she torment herself?

What would it take for her to let go and fly free.

Lila decided she would fill her cage with compliments written on cards. All the compliments she received from people and what she knew to be true of herself.

After 3 months of this Lila felt so much better about herself and came to love the cage around the flower.

Without the cage the flower couldn’t have looked so beautiful and couldn’t have held all those compliment cards around it.

She decided that she had the key to the cage and she knew she could access the flower anytime she wished.

Not only that but she could also still see the flower inside the cage and she appreciated that too.

Lila appreciated her flaws and her beauty and thanked god for showing her what she had failed to see and began to finally let go and live.

Lila was beautiful the way she was.




Be You. Make sure you are saying something when you are saying something. Its important to sound like you, to feel like you to be like you. Be you ~ Erykah Badu












The Confessions Of A New Mummy

While I LOVE my little bundle of joy (currently 2 months old) it can be quite challenging to keep it ALL together, house chores included, when you have a little one hanging off your hip most of the time.

Here are my….. Confessions Of a New Mummy:

I sometimes don’t burp him. oops!….not good, I know it’s just that I’m just so damn knackered at night.

I leave him in his nappies just a tad bit longer than I’m supposed to, not too long that his nappy is leaking and oozing or that he develops nappy rash, but just long enough to get FULL use out of the nappy. (this would make a great post on martin’s money saving tips)
As a matter of fact here you go
I have to put him in his car seat in the bathroom with me just so I can take a shower and an eye on him at the same time otherwise leaving the house will become a myth and i’ll end up saying “sod this” and going back to bed.
I wish he would stop growing grrrrr he’s so cute at this age *one tear*.
When I’m down to his last clean bottle I pretend to be asleep so that hubby can wash & sterilize his dirty bottles that have been piling up all day and boil water ready for the nights pending struggle of bottle feeding (Don’t tell him please….im serious)
I used to be “spaghetti betty”  I.e. a skinny girl but I’ve gained some sexy baby weight which I pretend I’m not proud of just so that I don’t offend the actual big mummies who have hang ups about their baby weight. (I’m still quite slim just have gained some hips, bum and chest, I waited 26 years for this so let me shine! I struggle to get my old leggings on YAY!  #skinnygirlproblems. I can’t go wrong there ey?)
I use my baby as an excuse not to go somewhere 🙂
I’m coping well as my baby is pretty easy and I’m scared, wondering if this will all change once he hits his terrible 2’s and 3’s (day dreams about a toddler pulling my hair and screaming in my ear that he wants to be fed THIS INSTANT, run through my mind)
Sometimes I dream about going out on the tiles and enjoying the party life for a night minus the baby vomit on my clothes.


So there you have it….im not the perfect mummy and I had to bore someone with my confessions cos they run rampant in my mind. Comment down below and let me know what your confessions are mummies …



Is Success Everything?


I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted to make something of my life and ran away from what I was trying to achieve. It’s not that I think I don’t have what it takes, it’s just that I haven’t believed in where it could go. I’ve had many urika moments and great ideas but have never pushed myself enough to materialise the greatness I had conjured up in my mind.

I recall the many times I have said ” He/she is lucky, they knew what they wanted to do from the beginning” and “If its your passion then of course you will do well”  I have envied those who have just instinctively known from the get go what they wanted to do in life and just pursued it effortlessly, or so it seemed…

My question was always “if only I could have that same passion about something I love….”?

But this leaves me wondering why we do put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve at a particular time? To be earning a particular amount in a particular type of career?

Ultimately it shouldn’t be how fast and how much but rather how spiritually rewarding? Will I get job satisfaction out of this? I’ve always believed in experimenting! You never know where it might lead you. Now I know this any seem like a waste of time, or even seem like a lack of direction but how can that be true when seeking your passion?

As much as my eyes could only see people, who were sure of what they wanted, succeeding and doing well, I still knew people who had taken routes that at first seemed right but weren’t, a lot of people who couldn’t make up their minds what they wanted to do in life, people who have tried and failed many times again, people who still haven’t got it figured out in their 30’s.

Those people had the best stories to tell and are actually quite inspiring. They indeed attended the school of life which is in my opinion the best type of school to attend

Question is what are the effective ways in which you could actually make finding your passion work for you? Here are a few techniques that could be helpful:

1. Remember you are Unique!

Do not compare yourself to anybody better yet delete all social media because it paints pictures of people seeming to be doing better but they’re only show you what they would like for you to see. So go easy on yourself.

2. Write down your ideas

Writing down your ideas will help keep you creative and keep your ideas flowing.

3. Experiment!

Try new things, study things you think could be a potential passion. Doing in-depth research on the subject you intend to study will help you conclude weather its right for you

4. Work!

If you can get your foot in the door and try different roles you never know where it could take you, sometimes it could uncover a role you never knew existed and you could end up loving it. Or similarly you could discover a set of skills you also ever knew you had.

5. Choose happiness!

If you choose happiness it will undoubtedly bring you the financial freedom you are seeking.

If it don’t make you happy, it don’t make sense. Happiness is everything and after all that’s all we ever want in life, right?